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About Hippy Rentals

Once upon a time in a small town in Aruba, there was a man named Penchin. Penchin was a worrier. He worried about everything. His job, his house, his car, his dog… you name it, Penchin worried about it. It was as if his life was one big stress ball.

One day, Penchin’s car broke down and he needed to rent a vehicle. That’s when he discovered Hippy Rentals. “Ride Hippy, Feel Happy,” the slogan read. Intrigued and in desperate need of a worry-free ride, he booked a colorful UTV.

As he hopped in, a funky pair of sunglasses was waiting for him on the driver’s seat, inviting him to see the world through a brighter lens. Penchin put them on and suddenly, the world seemed less gray, and his worries seemed to melt away.

He started driving, the tropical breeze running through his hair, the vibrant colors of the jeep reflecting off his smile. The road unraveled like a freedom ribbon before him. Suddenly, he didn’t want to go straight to work. He made a spontaneous detour to the beach, feeling a strange, unfamiliar sensation – joy.

Penchin, the eternal worrier, found himself enjoying the moment. His Hippy ride had turned an ordinary day into an adventure. It wasn’t just about the car; it was about the feeling it evoked. The carefree, worry-less, laughter-filled vibe it brought into his life.

After that day, Penchin was changed. He smiled more, laughed more, worried less. His life motto became “Ride Hippy, Feel Happy,” and it transformed not just his commute, but his whole life.

So, like Penchin, come ride with us. Feel the freedom, embrace the
fun, and connect with the natural beauty of Aruba. Ride Hippy, Feel Happy!