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Hippy Rentals

UTV Rentals in Aruba


Welcome to Hippy Rentals – Your Ticket to Fun & Adventure!

Looking for an extraordinary way to explore Aruba? Hop into a Hippy Rental! As Aruba’s premier Jeep and UTV rental service, we promise more than just a ride – we deliver a vibrant, unforgettable experience.

Our fleet of eye-catching, brightly colored Jeeps and UTVs are ready to add a burst of fun and excitement to your island adventures. But at Hippy Rentals, it’s not just about the vehicles. It’s about embracing the Hippy spirit – a carefree vibe that urges you to soak in the sunshine, follow the winding roads, and make every moment count!

Hit the road Hippy style with our UTV rentals!

All our rentals include:


Snorkel Gear



Grab the wheel, turn up the music, and inject some adventure to your vacation in Aruba!

At Hippy Rentals, we’re not just about providing a ride. We’re about creating
unforgettable experiences, fostering a love for nature, and helping you make the most of your Aruba adventure.

Ride with us and feel the freedom, embrace the fun, and connect with the natural beauty of Aruba. Ride Hippy, Feel Happy!

In a world that often takes itself too seriously, we encourage you to unleash your free spirit. Don a pair of sunglasses, let the tropical wind whip through your hair, and explore Aruba like never before. Whether you’re conquering off-road trails or cruising along picturesque coastlines, our dependable and stylish rides are your perfect companions.

Just ask Penchin, a guy who stumbled upon a Hippy Rental and discovered a new life mantra: “Ride Hippy, Feel Happy.” His story is not just a testament to the joy of the Hippy experience, but a reminder to us all – life is short, so why not fill it with color, adventure, and happiness?

Ready for a fun-filled adventure?